Pokemon Team Generator

Want to get a perfect Pokemon team, use the Pokemon team generator to create the best team for you in a few seconds. With this tool, you can check which team is good for you and what is the stats of the Pokemon team. With the help of the Pokemon team stats, you can very easily identify the best team.

In this tool, a lot of Pokemon have already been added, you just need to select the Pokemon of your choice or from the below-given ideas to get the best team. After selecting the Pokemon, you’ll able to see all the details on your screen and you can make a good decision very easily.

Best Pokemon Type Combinations

There are a few Pokemon-type combinations that are considered very good and have huge strength and stats. We will also share resistances, super effectiveness, and the weakness of each Pokemon type we shared below.


  • Resistance: Dark, Water, Grass, Electric, Ghost, Ground
  • Super Effective: Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water


  • Resistance: Bug, Dark, Fairy, Normal, Rock, Plying, Grass, Ice
  • Weakness: Fire, Ground
  • Super Effective: Dark, Rock, Ice, Dragon, Fighting


  • Weakness: Electric, Poisson, Grass
  • Resistance: Water, Fire, Dark, Bug, Ice
  • Super Effective: Dark Dragon, Fighting, Fire

Pokemon Team Ideas

As you know there are a lot of Pokemon games and the selecting best Pokemon team depends on which type of match you play. So, it is quite hard to give some ideas. That’s why we recommend you use the Pokemon Team Generator tool to make the process simple and easy. Below are some Pokemon team ideas that are almost best most of the time.

Note: We are just sharing types of Pokemon, you have to select the Pokemon by yourself of your choice. It is very simple to best Pokemon based on the type.

  • Psychic
  • Fire Type
  • Water Type
  • Fighting Type
  • Grass Type
  • Electric Type

Wrapping Up: Pokemon Team Generator is one of the best tools for players facing problems while creating a good team in the game. With the help of this tool, you can create a lot of teams and check their information as well.